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Maria Simon was just your average, middle American housewife living on a small homestead out in the country. Not in a million years did she think she would fall prey to the addiction of compulsive online gambling. Yet within only a few short months, she'd fallen down a dark, devastating hole of loss, bankruptcy, suicidal thoughts, and a bleak future. The addiction had taken over her mind and her once-peaceful, contented life. After hitting rock-bottom, she had an illuminating clarity from God about what addiction really is, how to beat it, and the specific steps to overcome the compulsion. With Christ-inspired words, Maria penned the entire book in less than six weeks and launched an accompanying podcast and website,

Problem or disordered gambling has the highest rate of suicide among all the additions out there. Statistics show that 1 in 5 compulsive gamblers attempt suicide, and that number could be as high as 40%, especially in veterans and young adults under the age of 25. Additional statistics show that roughly 80% of gambling addicts never seek help or treatment, and so they remain trapped in the vicious cycle, chasing losses without being able to stop.

In this book, the author lays out a faith-based approach called
The Feeling Better "10-4" Program, which looks at addiction as a spiritual attack. In this 10-week plan, four key areas of spiritual battle are addressed:

  • The Enemy's Lies: The devil is very real, and he's chosen YOU to attack. You might not see it now, but this book will show you how your enemy uses lies to deceive you and entice you to gamble, causing harm to your body, mind, and soul.

  • God's Truth: Once you can discern the devil's lies, it's easier to see God's truth about spiritual attack. Each week will bring to light Scriptural truth that counters the enemy's lies.

  • Weaponry: In every battle, weapons are key to winning. Rather than see your smartphone and the internet as Satan's tools of attack, this plan provides ways to use technology as an offensive weapon.

  • Armor: Every soldier in battle needs armor to protect their body from harm or catastrophic injury. Throughout the ten weeks of the program, you'll work on healing your body and mind so that you have the strength to win this fight.


Sprinkled throughout the ten-week plan, Maria Simon shares her own devastating journey and what led to her downfall and ultimately, her redemption and recovery. The raw depth of her writing, her inspiring words of wisdom, and the encouragement within this practical, week-by-week guide can help anyone--Christian believer or not--to overcome their compulsive gambling addiction once and for all.

This book is ideal for: 

-Veterans battling addiction
-Compulsive gamblers of any background, faith, nationality, or location
-Christian believers with addictions, whether gambling, drugs, alcohol, or pornography
-Problem gamblers who are women
-Problem gamblers who are middle age/GenX

-Problem gamblers who are specifically addicted to online gaming, slots, sports-betting, and other casino games

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