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The Feeling Better strip

The Feeling Better

A Faith-Based Approach
to Overcome 


Your Compulsive
Gambling Addiction



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Help me fight the good fight!

Maria Simon was just your average, middle American housewife living on a small homestead in Michigan. Not in a million years did she think she would fall prey to the addiction of compulsive online gambling. Yet within only a few short months, she'd fallen down a dark, devastating hole of loss, bankruptcy, suicidal thoughts, and a bleak future. The addiction had taken over her mind and her once-peaceful, contented life. After hitting rock-bottom, she had an illuminating clarity from God about what addiction really is, how to beat it, and the specific steps to overcome the compulsion. With Christ-inspired words, Maria penned the entire book in less than six weeks and launched an accompanying podcast and website.

Your donations will towards helping Maria get back on her feet financially so that she can use her own time and resources to continue to help others fight their own spiritual battles of addiction. A gift of any amount is so appreciated!

(Please do not send any financial gift if you are currently experiencing financial difficulty due to gambling harm.)

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